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#7 Forum Access (Post here please)

Posted by Shiennar on 30 April 2014 - 04:13 PM

Plz 2 gief access pl0z

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#5 Forum Access (Post here please)

Posted by Zichi on 29 April 2014 - 10:58 PM

Please post in this thread if you require forum access.

Make sure to include your character name and rank in the guild.

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#950 Forum Button

Posted by Shiennar on 19 August 2014 - 04:17 PM

Going into a subforum removes the 'Forum' button at the bar on top. More accurately, the graphic as the space is still clickable.

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#8 Forum Access (Post here please)

Posted by Zichi on 30 April 2014 - 04:13 PM

yu elrid haz

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#5264 Shailen - DK - Frost(Unholy LUL)

Posted by Shailen on 10 March 2017 - 11:50 AM

I like the sound of viagra supreme.


Everyone is asking for "Big Dick DPS" these days.

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#1242 Secondary theme

Posted by Zichi on 26 October 2014 - 01:01 AM

Added another theme for thouse people who prefer reading white text on a dark background.

It's a bit more simple, not as many fun features. But works just as good.


As soon as there's time, I will try and update the whole site.


over and out,


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#65 Forum Access (Post here please)

Posted by Shagarrow on 06 May 2014 - 04:09 PM

WTB Mod.. can i pass?

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#5262 Shailen - DK - Frost(Unholy LUL)

Posted by Shailen on 10 March 2017 - 01:10 AM

Personal information:

Name: Daniel

Age: 24

Country: Spain (No, I can’t cook paella)

Gender: Apache Attack Helicopter (Male)

Occupation: Student


Character information:

Name: Shailen

Class: DK

Spec: Barf Of Sindragosa… I mean Frost

Armory link: http://eu.battle.net...hailen/advanced

Logs Link: https://www.warcraft...2334945/latest/

Main Alt: Shayrel, Mage

Alt Spec: Frosty, (all frost related tends to be OP these days), although I used to play fire on EN.

Alt Armory Link: http://eu.battle.net...hayrel/advanced

PC / UI: NVIDIA GeForce GTX650.

Screenshot of training dummy suffering my wrath: https://gyazo.com/d5...e5b11412354e91f


Average FPS: 40 in NH


Screenshot of my internet, not as good as I’d like it to be, but it’s as much as I can aspire in my current location (Spanish Internet LUL):



I attach a kill video of Mythic Guarm if u are more interested on the UI:


More info:            



How or where did you hear about us?

You’re one of the higher ranking 3-day raiding guilds on EU in wowprogress, so it’s pretty easy to hear about you.



Why Vanguard?  

To have such a good progress with a 3-day schedule means that you are efficient during raid time, which I enjoy, and fits my schedule perfectly.

Also you have similar progression as my previous guild (spoiler, it disbanded 2 days ago), so I think I have the necessary experience to be an asset to your guild.


Mutual benefit?


Epiphany taught me that it is possible to achieve high degrees of progression outside of the 5-day raiding system that is ever prevalent in Spain, and I want to continue with that model, and I belive Vanguard fits that model


Explain the steps of your gearing and gemming thoughts:


Frost DK after certain crit levels starts to be a balancing game, since Mastery values start to increase. However u don’t want your crit to go much lower than 30%, nor your haste to go lower than 20%, or your RW uptime plummets faster than NA at worlds.


But to keep it simple, at the moment:


STR>Crit (~30%)>Haste(~20%)>Mastery=>Versatility(until 7%)>Crit>Haste


Explain in great detail, fight for fight, how you approach them in terms of important timings relating to your class and it's abilities, what glyphs and talents you take for them specifically:


I’ll limit the explanation to NH bosses(I have legendary ring AND Convergence of Fates), Talent choices don’t change much for frost DKs, since the tier bonuses buff Howling Blast to such a stupid degree, that even on ST, Horn of Winter is not worth it.:


Skorpyron: Granted, it’s a meme boss, but to pad to the maximum I ensure to position myself between the packs of adds for maximum RW value.

In my guild we lusted on pull, so I would BoS on pull as well, doubling HRW on it, and most of the time BoS will last long enough for the exposed carapace phase and be ready for the following exposed carapace.


Chronomatic Anomaly: Strategy changes if I’m on the bitch group or not.

Bitch group: BoS on Pull, using only 1 charge of HRW, and saving my racial (Blood Elf), and renewal of RW on the way to the add, in order to generate RP midway.

Fury of Sindragosa used on the 4 small ads, and popping IF if targeted by the big add, for some mad Death Strike healing.


Return to the boss and use double HRW on next BoS, since I’ll be on the boss most of its duration this time.


Not on bitch group: Double HRW on first BoS and just cleave away for mad padding.


Saving Wraith Walk if I’m affected by Time Bomb to move out quickly (then painfully return as fast as my small DK legs allow me)


Trilliax: BoS on pull, if cake is nearby, pop Wraith Walk and pick it up, if not, I’ll soak cakes after big beam of death.

Fury of Sindragosa used when add spawns.

Sadly I’m melee, so I don’t even know how the robots are called. (Melee mechanics)

Spell Blade Aluriel: BoS on pull with double HRW, and will have 5-15s (RNJesus pls) of uptime remaining for frost adds. Switching targets to the big frost Add.

 Using 1 fury of sindragosa on the first set of frost adds, and the last set of arcane adds. Using BoS on pull allows me to have it ready for first set of fire adds, second set of frost adds, and last set of arcane adds.

As a DK, I have the ability to correct misspositioning of fire adds with Death Grip, or having a total of 4 ways of interrupting in fire phase (Pillar of Frost is active, so RW will stun, BElf racial, Mind Freeze, and Grip).


Krosus: Usually soaking on the front row.


Fury of Sindragosa used in pull, so it is available on the last burning pitch

BoS used on pull with 2 activation of HRW, since it will have enough uptime to damage the first set of adds.

I save my second BoS together with pillar of frost for the next set of adds, so I can AOE stun if needed, while nuking any remaining adds, I don’t use HRW on this BoS.


I delay the Next BoS a bit since it sincs up with the bridge collapsing, using double HRW on this one, and it will be up for the remainder of the fight.


Tichondrius: There are different strategies for this Boss, my guild used to do it with the adds on the boss (killing them on Echoes of the void) and not blowing up any brands.


Double HRW on pull, and I will have BoS up for the first echoes of the void.


On saving any rime procs and runes 5-sec prior to second echoes of the void, and using pillar of frost, since it will be up during the next BoS anyways.


On Illusionary Night, gripping any far away bats, and trying to get an orb to use FoS (Fury of Sindragosa) on 5-7 bats.


BoS with 1 HRW on next phase, and since I stacked max RP on bat phase, I’ll be able to BoS up for Echoes of the Void.


Same strategy on the following Echoes, and Illusionary Night.


Double HRW on the following BoS, nuke Watcher, Boss, Adds, and Boss.


Botanist: Again, not a lot of mechanics for the melee on this Boss. Fury of Sindragosa is aimed at the adds of the first dispel, and the adds of the first dispel on the last phase.


On pugs I tend to be obligated to chain some adds on grip if they are about to catch some caster slacking, but generally is not necessary on raid teams-


Don’t get hit by stupid solar beam, and step away from orbs dying on second phase.


DKs are able to soak some spores and then dispelling the debuff with Anti-Mechanical Shell.


As for BoS usage, double HRW on pull, doing a BoS with no HRW on the second Phase, and using double HRW on the last phase, since the boss needs to FUCKING DIE REALLY FAST.


Star-Bro Augur: Fuck this Boss, and his triple Icy Ejections ruining my perfect BoS opener.




Double HRW on pull the first BoS, since on Fel Phase, there isn’t enough time to get the full value of a HRW’d BoS, and my guild used to lust there, so I had enough uptime without HRW, this way I can save a double HRW BoS for the last phase, where most of the damage is needed.




Anti-Mechanical Shell and Wraith Walk are pretty useful in this Boss.




AMS allows me to either drop Icy Ejection really early and be in my position for Grand Conjuction, or to dispel Fel Ejection.




On the flip-side if I get targeted by The ejection during Grand Conjuction I can wait for my partner to dispel the brand, and move away with Wraith Walk, since I’m immune to the slow.


And finally




Grand Magistrix Elisande: I’m missing my withered crack-heads in this fight, cmon…

Interrupt Blue Add, Grip Pink Add, Move away from Beams, Interrupt Boss on last phase.


On Mythic this bitch has to die really quickly on the first phase, however she tends to blink to China, so using double HRW tends to not be worth it on this phase, so I save it for either the second Phase, or the Third Phase, depends if I’m getting buffed by Rune of The Fallen Crusader or not.


Then loot Convergence of Fates






Gul’Dan: Dankness Incarnate.


Saving BoS when the first add spawns, probably do a double HRW, since in second phase there is a point where BoS is up, but Storm of the Destroyer is coming up in about 15-20 seconds, so I can do a BoS without HRW there, and have another double HRW ready when Illidan gets debuffed.


Not really sure where Fury of Sindragosa is specially good, perhaps on first add then saving until Illidan is debuffed? Not sure, need to test it.


Other than that, save Rime procs if Eyes are soon for maximum cleavage.


What separates the very best players of your class from those who are just great? (Think mechanics, not generalization)


Not panicking over BoS: Most DKs I see just spend all the runes then press the BoS button, and press HRW asap, however I tend to visualize what runes are coming up, and spamming that obliterate button in case of being blessed with Runic Empowerment procs, but not using it right away.


Only point where using HRW right away is encouraged, is if you have CoF and legendary ring, in order to not waste CoF procs, especially if u plan to double HRW on that BoS.


Saving up RP for incoming BoS is really important, moreover if u plan to not use HRW on that moment (best example is Star Augur, where on Fel Phase is just not worth it).


Other than having the presence of mind that you are not the most mobile class for target swapping, or not to drop your BoS for that matter.


Grip is REALLY good where it can be used (I’ve saved multiples wipes with that ability on Aluriel alone), and it’s one of the few utilites a frost DK can bring.


Other than MAD cleave dmg.


Using Fury of Sindragosa to its maximum potential, where to use if u can multiple times, and hitting the maximum amount of “real targets” (Trilliax padders, *cough*)

Guild History: 

I’ve played since WotLK so I’ll just list the ones that are somewhat relevant from a raid PoV:


Faith- Zul’Jin: Cleared all of Ulduar, Algalon included, ToC (managed to get a Trial of Insanity on 10-man), but guild died on Arthas 25HC

Aur Redemptum-Zul’Jin: Cleared Arthas25HC before pre-patch (can’t remember the % dmg buff) 


Cataclysm: Mostly casual raiding




Emotive- Dun Modr: Joined on SoO, managed to clear on 25HC before WoD prepatch.




Emotive- Dun Modr: Guild died on Brackenspore Mythic.


Legends of Wanderings – Dun Modr: Didn’t manage to clear Mythic Imperator. Stopped blaing on BRF since I decided to try-hard on LoL


Legion: Misery – Dun Modr: Guild of Friends, cleared 7/7M EN, 2/3 M ToV, and left when we were 2/10M on NH. Left due to schedule issues


Epiphany – Tarren Mill: Learned the bliss of efficient 3-day raiding. Guild disbanded Wednesday progressing trough Star Augur last phase. (7/10M)





Easiest way to contact you?: e-mail: shaindralah@gmail.com

B.net: Shaiz#2630


Discord: Shailen#4395

Anything else you would like to add?


It is a long read, dunno if u will appreciate it or just hate me for it. But I really want to continue progressing through Legion’s content as efficiently or more than I’ve done this past month.


I try really hard to be amongst the best of my class, testing different stat balances.


And I’m a big M+ addict.


Except Skittsh week


Fuck Skittsh Weeks

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#5244 Shammyr-Shaman-Restoration

Posted by Shammyr on 05 March 2017 - 09:21 PM

Personal Information:
Name: Jørgen
Age: 20
Country: Norway
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
Character Information:
Name: Shammyr
Class: Shaman
Spec: Restoration
Main alt: Dérplock - Warlock
Alt spec: Affliction
Connection: 6105537002.png
More info:
How or where did you hear about us? Was looking thru kazzak guilds on wowprogress and saw your name among the top.
Why Vanguard? Because i'm looking for a guild that doesn't raid 7 days per week and still have good progress. I value the quality of raiding properly within not too many hours per week. I'm comming from a guild that also raided 3 days per week, but feeling i could progress better where people "carry" their weight more.
Explain the steps of your gearing and gemming thoughts: As a resto shaman with their current mastery it is really strong for progress raiding, so i slam as many mastery gems as i can into the slots i have. i try to balance my crit so that i have enough to generate enough mana thru resurgance and not go oom 70% thru the fight. My haste i'm atm laying right above 12% where i found i get another Healing tide totem tick, which is really useful to fully stack my golden trait. Vers i really just take as a little bonus to buff my mastery a little. When in fully bis gear and farm i'll give the mastery a bit more slack, as people won't be dropping as low to get the full effect of it and focus a bit more on crit and vers, i don't really think it's worth going for more haste until maybe 7.2 because of it's scaling.
Explain in great detail, fight for fight, how you approach them in terms of important timings relating to your class and it's abilities, what talents you take for them specifically:
Scorpyrion: For this i usually go with the standard talents, as it's just constant pulsing dmg, where earthen shield totem helps mitigate the overall dmg of the pulses. 
Chronomatic anomaly: Same here, just that i hold on to the totem more for later pulses of overwhelming to help that mitigate more, along with using spirit link gloves to reduce dmg from 2 pulses instead of just 1 without.
Trilliax: Meme fight, i go defo go with graceful spirit here to have spiritwalker's grace for every lazer phase so i can run while healing to keep healing rain and such down without worring about getting fried.
Krosus: Here i swap out my earthen shield totem for ankh totem, to give the entire raid more health for the last bridge phase where the orb+smash combo can really easy kill people who might not be topped off completely.
Spellblade aluriel: On this fight i also go with ankh, as we ran 2 shamans for this fight i used mine for arcane kiting phase because of the amount of dmg the entire takes, and the other one used it for end of fire phase when the add starts casting fel lash on melee alone.
What separates the very best players of your class from those who are just great?
They utilize the useage of our utilities alot better, timing of cloudburst, always having healing stream totem and riptide ready for slight movement. Using out dmg reduction from healing stream totem and ghost wolf to soak multiple circles at krosus without taking alot of dmg for example. smart healiing with riptide on low hp targets over higher health targets, making great use of our mastery. using ghost wolf effectively to get into good positions faster than normal running.
Guild History:
Can YOU eat a seal (eu-jaedenar)
Started raiding with them at the first tier of mop, was kinda undergeared and got rekt by filthy disco priests (still hate them), a druid and pally. I wasn't really too good at this time, but i leared alot from healing with better players than me. I always tried to get the most out of my healing even tho i wasn't topping meters. Ended up disbanding at 6/6hc msv and 4/6hc HoF because our server started getting really dead and almost impossible to recruit decent people.
Eradication (eu-draenor)
Originally they recruited my entire rbg team (did pvp for whole ToT tier), but ended up raiding with them instead. We got to a couple hc kills in SoO before a disagreement between raiders and officers started, as they took all the gear, even tho it was minor minor upgrade for them and huge for other raiders. The leaders also got prio spots in raid even tho they underperformed vs other people working hard for their spot.
Infinite Duress (eu-draenor)
Alot of those who left Eradication started this guild. We got up to 7hc 10m with this guild i think, before some people started getting bored of SoO and wanted to do other stuff, really short stay here.
Pwnstarz (eu-kazzak)
Found this guild thru a facebook post looking for people, it was an all norwegian guild lead by a raider from Perfect Circle EU (zehowl) raided with them for the rest of SoO, got to 13/14HC 25man and 14/14HC 10man. Managed to clear 4/7HC with them in highmaul (butcher at 3% with 19m as hunter dc'ed on pull, but no later kill) In brf we cleared normal and i think 2-3 bosses on HC before some people started disliking the leadership and leaving to another scandinavian guild. Stayed until the GM said the guild was done.
Transcendence (eu-kazzak) 
Joined my prev raidmates from Pwnstarz in this guild to continue brf progress, got to 8/10hc before i started getting tired of WoD at furnace progress where people failed over and over and stopped playing at that point.
Got invited back to Transcendence at the start of legion, raided with them thru full EN mythic, hc ToV (we almost disbanded because of this raid, because half of the guild couldn't stand the raid for some reason). Farmed EN mythic and hc ToV until Nighthold, raided with them until today when the GM and some officers said the guild is done, as we're missing people for mythic raids and they're losing their intrest in the game. Currently at 5/10M
Easiest way to contact you: Bnet, steam, whatsapp or facebook.
Anything else you'd like to add? Feel free to question me about my app over ts/discord or talk to my prev gm's for my performance and attendance.

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#2761 Member clean up!

Posted by Zuggie on 24 September 2015 - 02:47 PM

I've cleaned up the forum members a bit.


If you have in any way lost some permissions on your account, please send me a private message. Some forum names do not match ingame names, so I might have removed some permissions by mistake.

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#632 Forum Access (Post here please)

Posted by Elumie on 20 June 2014 - 07:57 PM

Would like access,


Alt-Raider / Old core raider.




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#554 Forum Access (Post here please)

Posted by Bloodbath on 12 June 2014 - 03:11 PM

Hey, access please... Damn, I'm ashamed by not doing it before =(



Bloodbath / former Carn here, names are different now(all are on Social rank): Grolbrod







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#45 Forum Access (Post here please)

Posted by Guest on 05 May 2014 - 06:04 PM

Thisisbrutus - PvP. RBG thread incoming!

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#4147 Breadroll - Multiclass - DPS

Posted by Lavok on 12 July 2016 - 08:40 AM

Considering the obvious lack of relevant raiding experience and logs from the latest tiers, I think most of us would be interested in what you can tell us about your beta preparations for Legion (if that is intended as your comeback expansion). There is not much class specific stuff in your application that would indicate any sort of concrete preparation for the upcoming release.

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#1337 Forum Access (Post here please)

Posted by Buildette on 17 November 2014 - 10:39 AM

Boss lowballs access if possible please my sweets.





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#12 Forum Access (Post here please)

Posted by Zichi on 01 May 2014 - 04:16 PM

I'm working on a bridge to connect the accounts from the other page, for now we'll have to use multiple accounts.

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#11 Forum Access (Post here please)

Posted by Midoriko on 01 May 2014 - 11:45 AM

I couldn't use the account which I have for the Vanguard website so I just created a new account for the forum, apparently it works just fine.

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#4237 [Witdrawn] Gróz - Mage

Posted by Lavok on 24 July 2016 - 09:27 PM

Some fire specific stuff for Legion (not pre-patch):


So considering what you have looked up so far, what's your take on what the most important things to spend Artifact Power on are to begin with? Also I'd like to hear your thoughts on how you would approach talent choices for different encounter types such as patchwerk single target or cleave/multi-target fights?


Balancing is obviously not done yet, so we don't fully know what will be the optimal for each situation yet, but I'm most interested in your reasoning and arguments based on how it looks right now.

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