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Posted 03 March 2017 - 04:35 PM

Personal Information:


Name: Teo

Age: 22

Country: Greece

Gender: Male

Occupation: University Student (yes, still that takes many years to complete in greece)   


Character Information:


Name: Stormcatcher

Class: Shaman

Spec: Elemental

Armory Link: http://eu.battle.net...mcatcher/simple

Logs Link: https://www.warcraft.../843783/latest/

note that since ToV the quality of guilds i was in had deteriorated, boss kills were messy and the overall capabilities of the roster had shrinkened. (also check logs for past expansions)

Main alt: Leyweaver

Alt spec: Frost-Fire

Alt Armory Link: http://eu.battle.net...eyweaver/simple     


PC / UI /


Connection: http://www.speedtest...sult/6099629876

Average FPS: fps during bosses around 50 (on botanist less)

Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/2nzyJ


More Info:


How or where did you hear about us? Wowprogress, although i have been a member of Kazzak for 4 years now and know that when it comes to consistant raiding rankings and quality progress curves Vanguard had been one of the greatest guilds on server.

Why Vanguard? Truth be told ever since i came back from a small break at Christmas holidays i couldn't find a top 100 guild due to being left behind in artifact traits,experience and gear, right now you are the only guild on the server that i am interested in before starting to consider migration.

Explain the steps of your gearing and gemming thoughts: Gearing as ele now circles around having as less versatility as possible due to the increased value of the rest of stats. What you aim for is 85% mastery which is a hard goal if you (and should go) for the trinkets from guldan and anomaly, after that you need some basic haste up to 20% and then as much crit as possible (around 20-25% is a decent). These are for the Ascendance build that ranks ahead of the Icefury build which got outscaled by our 4 set that values critical strikes from spells even more. Generally you gem and enchant for mastery since 7.1.5


Explain in great detail, fight for fight, how you approach them in terms of important timings relating to your class and it's abilities, what glyphs and talents you take for them specifically:


Note that in almost every single Nighthold fight the best build is Lightning Rod, Liquid magma totem, totemic mastery, in that way you whore on adds every 1 minute and if you cheese enough you will get the best ranking for elemental shamans (eg. Anomaly you only send 1 dps and 1 tank on the right add to just kill the big one and then the elemental shaman goes over and whores on the 4 small adds, Krosus, you intentionaly do NOT soak up to 5 flame patches to spawn adds, you grip them together and whore on those) If you do not believe me go check on logs where Chain Lightning is equal if not above our single target. That is the case for every single boss in that raid and the reason why logs in this zone are very Very deceptive.

Also stormkeeper is a very powerful aoe burst spell



I will go for the single target Ascendance build since right now the little skorpions die insanely fast anyway so its not worth unless you have coordination and the freedom to aoe whore to go for aoe build, i time my ascendance with the vulnerable phase.


I will go for the single target Ascendance build to help kill the boss before the 4th power overwhelming and save my stormkeeper (artifact ability) for adds.


Obviously single target fight and build, i may multidot the scrubbers to gain more lava burst procs=hence more single target dps


Due to the lack of aoe damage in my previous guild compisition i will go for aoe oriented talents and waste them on adds. (The chances of ranking are slim, unless you have coordination on semi stacking the fire adds and the boss between, AND (unless) you delay the boss kill for after you kill the second arcane add wave)


Standard single target talents i will delay my stormkeeper the second time i use it so that it lines up for the last 2 flame patch waves, in the last 2 bridge phases


Single target oriented talents with value on path of flame to have flame shock on as many bosses as possible, i will delay the stormkeepers on p2 for the flowers, especially for the first orb where you have the chance to solo them by cleaving the 2 bosses and the 2 flowers alltogether


I picked single target talents due to the lack of boss dps from our melee team.

Star augur

Single target talents once more, i may save my stormkeeper on phase 3 to cleave both the voidlings and the boss for massive damage.


Single target talents, saving Ascendance and my fire elemental for that 60 second window of 30% haste fast pacing bubble.


Doesnt matter which talents i pick since you will want to stack as many cleaving and bursty melees as possible to down that green antichrist (but generally single target talents and save stormkeeper for cleaving on the small eyes of guldan)


What separates the very best players of your class from those who are just great? (Think mechanics, not generalization)

A decent elemental shaman will just blindly follow earthshrine and their clique. A great one may judge their options and try his own builds. I for one have not been following guides for at least my main spec. Knowing the moment beta comes out the best talent and stat composition is invaluable knowledge and being able to fit in any raid, also the dps rankings show little to nothing of the player's skill level, especially on a multiple target fight (patchwerks yes, is a good level of comparison) Right now i am not searching on being able to deal with mechanics and being able to follow my rotation. I already have mastered both of them with a long 5 year old experience on elemental shamans. Right now i want to find a guild able to push for rankings while of course having a bit of fun, and one that does not tolerate mediocrity with people that are willing to sacrifice their personal gain on bosses for the future of the guild and progression.


Guild History: 

This will take a while.

Mayhem Control aka RNG aka Bloodlust when needed aka Pogchamp (all in 1!!!!!!!!!)

Joined the guild during late MoP and was the core of the guild along with 3 others for until Emerald Nightmare.

We managed to create a strong core of players in a casual state and sometime during Highmaul to turn on hardcore at that point i was playing mostly restoration due to a massive roster restoration and the removal of certain players. What i have achieved for WoD with them is the following

Mythic Imperator world 479

Mythic AfroamericanHand world 322

Mythic Archimonde world 186

At that point we turned a little bit more hardcore for Legion but that took a toll on many members that were either burnt out, frustrated or both.

We managed to have a decent roster and good progression for Emerald Nightmare and ToV but the guild died out shortly after our guarm mythic kill.

Heroid Xavius world 57 (with split runs)

Mythic Xavius world 93-94 after we swapped RNG for Pogchamp

Heroic Helya world 27

Mythic Odyn world 147

Mythic Guarm world 106


Since that i joined one would-be top 100 guild namely Order of Sargeras, at this point i regret joining them for various reasons. Firstly their mythic helya kill took a large toll on their roster, they were at the point of transition to a hardcore guild but never made that call. Insteed they recruited both great and average players.

Soon after i joined (2 weeks later) i was promoted quickly to raider and was used for almost every boss. At the start their denial of making split runs made me wonder for their goals but a semi decent progression up to botanist kept me going. At that point in very fast fashion of a total of 3 weeks they lost the entirety of their former roster. Since the botanist kill they have been unable to even reclear properly before the week was over and on top of that there was a bit of drama going on with the leadership and various raiders.

Since a guild meeting on Wednesday it became clear to me that they made that choice that should have done on ToV. They chose to become more casual and try to reform. Do not get me wrong, should they have not lost a total of 15 of their top raiders they may have been progressing elisande by now, but it is clearer than ever that the guild has nothing more to offer me, What i seek is to return to the top 100 bracket where i belong and i wish that you will be giving me a chance to prove my word and help Vanguard become an even better guild. All it takes is a leap of faith.....err i may have been watching too much Under the dome lately...-.-





Easiest way to contact you?: Battle net, discord my battletag is Antiquusdeus#2692

Anything else you would like to add?

Nothing really, i just hope that you give me a chance when you recruit new people the outcome is either a disgustingly incapable miser or an incredible raider that can help you help him and move the guild forward. I know of experience that i am the latter.

-Looking forward to your answer. peace

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Posted 09 March 2017 - 11:27 AM

Hello Teo. We won't take in another elemental shaman at this point in time. Thanks for your application but we'll sadly have to decline it.

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