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Posted 05 March 2017 - 09:21 PM

Personal Information:
Name: Jørgen
Age: 20
Country: Norway
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
Character Information:
Name: Shammyr
Class: Shaman
Spec: Restoration
Main alt: Dérplock - Warlock
Alt spec: Affliction
Connection: 6105537002.png
More info:
How or where did you hear about us? Was looking thru kazzak guilds on wowprogress and saw your name among the top.
Why Vanguard? Because i'm looking for a guild that doesn't raid 7 days per week and still have good progress. I value the quality of raiding properly within not too many hours per week. I'm comming from a guild that also raided 3 days per week, but feeling i could progress better where people "carry" their weight more.
Explain the steps of your gearing and gemming thoughts: As a resto shaman with their current mastery it is really strong for progress raiding, so i slam as many mastery gems as i can into the slots i have. i try to balance my crit so that i have enough to generate enough mana thru resurgance and not go oom 70% thru the fight. My haste i'm atm laying right above 12% where i found i get another Healing tide totem tick, which is really useful to fully stack my golden trait. Vers i really just take as a little bonus to buff my mastery a little. When in fully bis gear and farm i'll give the mastery a bit more slack, as people won't be dropping as low to get the full effect of it and focus a bit more on crit and vers, i don't really think it's worth going for more haste until maybe 7.2 because of it's scaling.
Explain in great detail, fight for fight, how you approach them in terms of important timings relating to your class and it's abilities, what talents you take for them specifically:
Scorpyrion: For this i usually go with the standard talents, as it's just constant pulsing dmg, where earthen shield totem helps mitigate the overall dmg of the pulses. 
Chronomatic anomaly: Same here, just that i hold on to the totem more for later pulses of overwhelming to help that mitigate more, along with using spirit link gloves to reduce dmg from 2 pulses instead of just 1 without.
Trilliax: Meme fight, i go defo go with graceful spirit here to have spiritwalker's grace for every lazer phase so i can run while healing to keep healing rain and such down without worring about getting fried.
Krosus: Here i swap out my earthen shield totem for ankh totem, to give the entire raid more health for the last bridge phase where the orb+smash combo can really easy kill people who might not be topped off completely.
Spellblade aluriel: On this fight i also go with ankh, as we ran 2 shamans for this fight i used mine for arcane kiting phase because of the amount of dmg the entire takes, and the other one used it for end of fire phase when the add starts casting fel lash on melee alone.
What separates the very best players of your class from those who are just great?
They utilize the useage of our utilities alot better, timing of cloudburst, always having healing stream totem and riptide ready for slight movement. Using out dmg reduction from healing stream totem and ghost wolf to soak multiple circles at krosus without taking alot of dmg for example. smart healiing with riptide on low hp targets over higher health targets, making great use of our mastery. using ghost wolf effectively to get into good positions faster than normal running.
Guild History:
Can YOU eat a seal (eu-jaedenar)
Started raiding with them at the first tier of mop, was kinda undergeared and got rekt by filthy disco priests (still hate them), a druid and pally. I wasn't really too good at this time, but i leared alot from healing with better players than me. I always tried to get the most out of my healing even tho i wasn't topping meters. Ended up disbanding at 6/6hc msv and 4/6hc HoF because our server started getting really dead and almost impossible to recruit decent people.
Eradication (eu-draenor)
Originally they recruited my entire rbg team (did pvp for whole ToT tier), but ended up raiding with them instead. We got to a couple hc kills in SoO before a disagreement between raiders and officers started, as they took all the gear, even tho it was minor minor upgrade for them and huge for other raiders. The leaders also got prio spots in raid even tho they underperformed vs other people working hard for their spot.
Infinite Duress (eu-draenor)
Alot of those who left Eradication started this guild. We got up to 7hc 10m with this guild i think, before some people started getting bored of SoO and wanted to do other stuff, really short stay here.
Pwnstarz (eu-kazzak)
Found this guild thru a facebook post looking for people, it was an all norwegian guild lead by a raider from Perfect Circle EU (zehowl) raided with them for the rest of SoO, got to 13/14HC 25man and 14/14HC 10man. Managed to clear 4/7HC with them in highmaul (butcher at 3% with 19m as hunter dc'ed on pull, but no later kill) In brf we cleared normal and i think 2-3 bosses on HC before some people started disliking the leadership and leaving to another scandinavian guild. Stayed until the GM said the guild was done.
Transcendence (eu-kazzak) 
Joined my prev raidmates from Pwnstarz in this guild to continue brf progress, got to 8/10hc before i started getting tired of WoD at furnace progress where people failed over and over and stopped playing at that point.
Got invited back to Transcendence at the start of legion, raided with them thru full EN mythic, hc ToV (we almost disbanded because of this raid, because half of the guild couldn't stand the raid for some reason). Farmed EN mythic and hc ToV until Nighthold, raided with them until today when the GM and some officers said the guild is done, as we're missing people for mythic raids and they're losing their intrest in the game. Currently at 5/10M
Easiest way to contact you: Bnet, steam, whatsapp or facebook.
Anything else you'd like to add? Feel free to question me about my app over ts/discord or talk to my prev gm's for my performance and attendance.

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Posted 09 March 2017 - 11:30 AM

Hey Jørgen sorry for the slow response. From what i can see you have already joined another guild. I'll consider this application withdrawn.

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